bETERNAL is a secure legacy-creation and preservation platform.

In a time where social media wants to permanently and mindlessly tell the story of your life through your digital footprint, we invite you to take your story back.

Through interactive prompts, we help you tell your life story and share it with only those you choose.

will you bETERNAL?

You determine your legacy..
. Let us deliver your story
the way you want.


is to ensure that you have the opportunity to share your legacy.

bETERNAL is a legacy vault

Our mission is to provide an engaging, intuitive, universal application that securely stores and distributes your wisdom,
knowledge, and memories for future generations.


Preserve your memories.
Record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to share with loved ones when and how you wish.
Completely private and not accessible by the public.

A safety deposit box for your private memories.

These memories are only for your designated recipients. Period.

Safe. Secure. Timeless.